How to Extend the Life of Your Mobile Phone’s Battery

Nokia Lumia 1320 DubaiA lot of people have already replaced their old model of land-line phones with newer and more versatile mobile phones. However, with all of these modern technology devices, battery life is on of its setbacks. The good news is that you can maximize the life of your Nokia Lumia 1320 Dubai battery by taking some simple steps:

1. Turn off the wireless Internet connection. Almost all mobile devices today are equipped with Wi-Fi access to the Internet. This is one of the major causes of power drains on your cell phone. Simply turning off this feature until you need it will make a big difference in your phone’s power consumption

2. Use the vibration feature only when needed. Setting your phone in vibrating alerts is another huge cause of power drain. While this is a great and useful feature to use especially when you are in a meeting or when you are in the library, it isn’t necessary to use while out on the town or during the normal routine of your day. Turning off the vibrating alerts on your phone can extend your battery life by several hours.

3. Utilize backlight control features. If you the display on your phone show all the time will drain your battery faster. You have to set your display to automatic mode to turn your backlight off after a certain time of inactivity. Also, adjust your backlight to the lowest screen brightness.

4. Ditch the animation. While animated screensavers are cool, it can actually easily drain your battery faster and will find yourself charging your phone every few hours. You should replace it with a pretty static picture instead.

5. Play games less. Did you know that all of game applications of your HTC One price Dubai really put a drain on your battery? You should play a game application only when you have access to a charger.

6. Keep it out of the sun and freezer. You should keep your phone’s battery at the optimum operating temperature that will keep it charged for much longer. Never leave your mobile phone in your car, regardless of the temperature.

How to Ensure Your Pet’s Safety During New Year’s Celebration

New Year’s Eve is all about celebration: parties, drinking, parades, merriment, and, of course, fireworks. Many people enjoy welcoming the New Year, but you should consider that it can be overwhelming for your pets.

Pets can be frightened and disoriented by the commotion and noise associated with fireworks displays. There are a lot of pets who tried to escape the sounds and sights of New Year’s celebration that local animal shelters reports a significant increase in pet lost during the holiday. Here are some of the things you have to do to ensure your pet’s safety during the holiday season aside from acquiring some  emergency door lock repair Dubai for the pet’s house; and make them also happy with the celebrations.

emergency door lock repair Dubai

1. Keep your pet away from fireworks. Your pet is more sensitive to loud noises, strong smells, and flashing lights than we are, so New Year’s celebration may be terrifying for them. When people will set off their fireworks, it’s advisable to leave your pets indoors with some TV or radio turned on to have some noise for your pet. If you are going to welcome the year outside and cannot leave your pet unattended at home, you should keep the pet leashed with you at all times.

2. Ask your veterinarian for help. If your pet is afraid of fireworks, there are medications that might help alleviate or lessen your pet’s anxiety.

3. Protect your pet from the dangers of heat. Too much heat can result your pet to experience heat stroke. You should act immediatelyif you see any signs of heatstroke. You should never leave your pet in a parked car, even when the temperature outside is breezy, your car’s temperature can heat up to a fatal 116 degrees in less than an hour.

4. Make sure your pet is wearing a collar. Even the pets kept indoors at all times should always wear collars with ID tags. Those pets who mostly stay indoors can become so too frightened during fireworks displays and make ways to escape the noise. They may  break through door or window screens. This will create a lot of problems including purchasing emergency lock repair Dubai for your entry points.

Pointers to Remember When Decorating a Kitchen Interior

modern kitchen interior design DubaiIf you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, then it would be a great idea to concentrate on developing a great modern kitchen interior design Dubai. But where does really one start when styling a kitchen? How do you ensure you throw in all the right elements into the area? To help you out, we’ve asked the professionals of Broadway Interiors for some advice. Here are some of the pointers they’ve given that can truly put you on the right track.

Don’t stick to one element. You need to be creative. When you choose to stick to one – whether the furniture materials, colors, or patterns – you can expect to have nothing but a boring space. Modern kitchen interior design Dubai encourages households to be daring. Don’t be afraid of mixing and matching.

Make this a personal project. The most captivating kitchens are the ones that exude warmth, personality, and coziness. You can only achieve it if you are able to make the whole room sing through your personal touch and choices. Follow some interior design guidelines but don’t be afraid to mix it up with your own selections.

Inject proper lighting. Lighting is very important in every part of your house, and this doesn’t exempt your kitchen. Make sure that your kitchen get a lot of lighting. The best lighting is of course the natural one but if your kitchen doesn’t get natural light, it is important to buy lamps. A cute plug-in lamp can add drama to your kitchen. For chefs, on the other hand, overhead lighting is a must-have.

Don’t place cabinets too low. It’s better to let the cabinets touch the ceiling. Because when you install it in a lower area, the top of the cabinets will only collect dusts and dirt. It can be hard to clean. Installing your cabinets in a high position also allows you to maximize the amount of storage in your kitchen.

Prevent overdoing your kitchen interior. You want to have a kitchen that reflects your personality as a home cook. Over-decorating or placing too much stuff in the kitchen is not a good idea. You want a cooking space that screams “clean” and not “cluttered”.

What are the Popular Ways of Evaluating Employees

Six months after recruiting employees, you should immediately begin evaluating them. Why? This is to ensure that you have caught the right fish in the sea of employment. Apart from that, it’s also a way to track your new and old hires’ skills improvement. Even if you made sure to get the best out of the best, this is an imperative process and a way to keep your organization intact.

performance appraisal policyEmployee appraisal can help you determine your workforce performance. You can easily spot the area where they are having difficulties and where they are excelling. This could also be a chance for them to voice out their feelings toward the company. In most companies, their performance appraisal policy involve getting feedback from their employees.

There are various performance appraisal methods but the most commonly practiced ones are:


MBO is short for Management by objectives. This is probably the most modern way of appraising the people that work under you. In this method, an employee will be asked to sign an agreement of accomplishing a set of tasks in a given time period. The worker will be reviewed according to his ability to finish the goals and the quality of his work given the time frame. It’s not just reaching the objectives.

Rating Scale

This evaluation method treats the workforce like students. The evaluator will give each employee a grade or a rating in variety of areas like communication, ability to work in a team, punctuality, etc. The passing score will be 75% and the perfect rating is 100%.

360-Degree Feedback

This method of evaluating employees requires the person who is appraising the employees (i.e HR manager, Director, or Manager) to interview not only the employees but also the people they are closely working with like their direct supervisor to gain a detailed insight about a certain employee’s performance. The workforce are measured through their different skill sets such as leadership, personality, interpersonal, problem-solving, and job performance.

These are only some of the commonly used appraisal methods. Although the way the process is done varies, all the methods have the same goal and that is to find out whether employees are able to meet the requirement of their job.

How to Enjoy the Day While Being Productive

Productivity is one of the major goals in a person’s daily life. An individual desires to accomplish as many things as possible: run households citruss TVchores, work, shopping groceries from citruss TV, visiting parents and more in an amount of time.  However, accomplishing the task at hand is tough and not always easy because of various distractions.

These distractions come in form of the noises outside, stress in the workplace or even the tangible things that distracts the eyes. These unwanted feelings make us less focused and productive. So, to make sure that you enjoy the day while being productive, here are some insightful tips that will help you.

Set 3-5 daily goals. Start by aiming 3-5 goals a day. Do not aim to finish a long, heavy list of the things to get done just for the day because it’s plainly not achievable. You just have to the small goals in a non-negotiable mode. If your goals for the day require longer time like writing a blog post, creating a budget, or working on a marketing plan, then you can just give yourself only three tasks. But, if it seems that the tasks require less time like replying to emails or doing calls, then you can aim for five goals.

Budget your time. You have to set the time you need to spend on every goal and be realistic of what you can achieve.  You can actually allot a spare of 30-60 minutes every goal if required.

Remove all distractions. Prior in starting your first goal for the day, you have to clear your desk, set your mind not to use other websites, turn off your phone, or close the door. Do not try to tempt yourself with anything that will surely grab your attention or pull your thoughts away from the tasks that you have do.

Do projects around the house. You can always find some pending projects at home you have like setting up the Christmas tree, buying a house gadget at citruss TV , iron clothes or even arranging your things in the closet. You can start listing and doing the projects from the simplest to the most complicated one, so you can achieve more goals for the day.

What Should You Do When Your Tenants Cannot Pay the Rental Dues?

If you have Dubai properties for rent, it is inevitable to encounter some tenants who do not pay on time or do not pay at all. This is actually the most stressful part of being a landlord. Here are some steps to guide you on the right things to do when your tenants has been nowhere to find come the end of the month to pay rental dues.

dubai properties for rent

1. Talk to your tenant. Talk to them in a calm manner. There would be a possible valid and acceptable reason why they fail to pay and it might be an isolated issue. Your goal is to come up with some arrangement about dealing with the payment scheme or at least get part of the payment for the rent and talk about when they will pay the rest. Always remember to stay professional in your talks and dealings with your tenants.

2. Find out if they are eligible local housing allowances. If your tenant is unable to pay because of certain valid reasons like job termination or maybe their spouse or partner has left them, they might be eligible for government allowances. You can advice them to get in touch with their local government to see if they are eligible for the benefits and what are those they might be able to get to help them with their rent and other expenses.

3. Consider reducing the rent. If you and your tenant have a good relationship from the very start, the possible solution could be reducing their rent in your Dubai rental property UAE for a certain period of time. Aside from helping your tenant, you could also save from the headaches and costs involved in finding a replacement or getting a lawyer. Before doing this, you might want to make it clear in writing that the reduction is for a certain period only, and decide a specific date by which the rent will be back its original amount.

4. Let them leave. If obviously they can’t pay and you have already made every possible solution in addressing the issue, it might be the best option is to just let them break their contract and let them leave your residential for rent.

How to Start Early in Saving For Your Retirement

One of the hardest things to during your working days is to save. You tend to get engaged investing with other material things like shoes, bagsUAE forex trading platform and electronic gadgets that decreases its value over time. You don’t need to deprive yourself earnings, but it is also a good thing to save for your retirement. Here are some ways on how to prepare on that big day.

Take Advantage of Your Time. If you’re young especially if you are in your 20s, you have the strength to be in good health. This will be able you to work for the next 30 or 40 years of your life. Today is the best chance for saving especially when you desire an early retirement and ensure an comfort and enjoyable life in your retirement age.

Consider basic investment principles.

You have to start thinking on putting your savings in various types of investments like UAE forex trading platform. The ways on how you take part of your income to save can affect the amount and quality if your savings in the future. The type of investments you engaged with like UAE forex trading opportunity or stock market can be crucial decisions you start thinking about whan you are young. You just have to be smart in choosing the company or financial institution where to invest your money in by knowing the whereabouts while doing the proper research and recommendations. You just have to remember that investment mix will possibly change over time depending on some factors like goals, age, and financial circumstances.

Open a Time Deposit Account.

Opening a time deposit account will let you save at the same time gain interest from your savings, but for a long period of time unlike Forex trading opportunity. Young people in their 20’s are usually impulsive buyers.  Even if you save money in your savings account that goes with ATM card, you can easily can withdraw the money anytime and anywhere you are. If you have a deposit account, you will pay a specific penalty if you withdraw your money before the allowed time. You will be discouraged to get the money because it will cause you to pay a certain penalty rather than gaining interest.

3 Ways to Avoid Miscommunication Using the Internet and Social Media

Social Media Company DubaiThe Internet is a wonderful tool that able us to connect with one another electronically in all parts of the world. It even gave birth to a lot of business opportunities like social media company Dubai since social media are making its way on the networking these days.

But even it brought us closer together; it also threatened to send us further apart in some way. Like any new discovered tool, to make technology be an advantage in our lives, it requires the exercise of good judgment.

Unfortunately, abuse and misuse of the internet has been around for quite a while. Typed messages often create more grave wounds, while electronic messages  of remorse leave scars. You leave these messages in the own interpretation of the receiver that are misinterpreted. Whatever the reason, it’s clearly far easier for us to be meaner to one another online. So here are some ways from social media company Dubai where you can prevent social media or the internet in putting harm in your communication though online and most especially in person.

1. Don’t say something on email or messenger you’d feel uncomfortable saying in person. If you need to say something but feels awkward, do it in person. Take it as practice for handling confrontation maturely. With this, you will prevent misinterpretations and misunderstandings. If you find yourself tempted to behave like a cruel boss, step away from your keyboard.

2. Don’t delay your response to messages you’d rather avoid. If someone has reached out to you, send you an email or any online message, they care about and are waiting for your response. As soon as you the message and you’re not busy as hell, go and type that response right away.

3. Balance time on the Internet with time spent with friends and family. It may seem too obvious to say, but you have to be reminded that it is really different to go out  and bond through a dinner with family and friends than to spend several days engaged in email exchanges or FB messages. Too much communication and meaning is lost in the process. And the effect on one another is much more intense and meaningful when we meet in person. When a friend is going through a tough time, nothing can compare for to a tap in the back that just saying “I care”. A simple smile or a heartfelt hug has far more power than the happiest emoticon in your app to lift another person’s spirit.

Different Types of Camera Lenses

If you are a budding photographer, it is important for you to understand the different kinds of camera lenses. As you may know, a lens is an integral part of your camera setup. Some professionals even say that it is actually way more important than the camera body as it is the one responsible for the outcome of your shots. They would choose to shoot with an okay camera with a great lens, than a great camera with an okay lens.

Nikon lenses in Dubai

Indeed, a lens can make or break your photographs. A bad or wrong lens can cause the edges of the pictures to be blurry, purple fringing, and have poor autofocus and perspective. The lens that you should bring to a certain shoot depends on the needs of the subject. Here are the different kinds of camera lenses and their uses.

1.  Standard lens. This type of lens is used for shoots that doesn’t require a long range focal lens. Photographers use it for street photography, casual occasions, or documentaries. This has a focal length range of 35-70mm. The most common standard lens is a fixed 50mm lens. This is great if you want to move quickly and capture an interesting point of action.

2.  Wide-angle lens. The focal length of this camera range from 21-35mm. You can use this if you want to capture a large subject like landscapes, architecture, cityscapes, or when taking a group picture. For a good quality lens, you should opt for Nikon lenses in Dubai.

3.  Telephoto lens. Photographers use this when photographing a subject from a distance. Paparazzis are particularly the buyers of this kind of lens. This can also be used when taking shots of wildlife, concerts, and sports events. This lens is less handy than the other types as this can be huge. Its focal length is between 135mm and 300mm. There is also a super telephoto and a medium telephoto lens.

4.  Fisheye lens. This lens make the center of the image magnified, and objects diminish in size in all directions around it. These are on the edge of wide-angle lenses, and give a distorted view of the subject matter

5.  Macro lens. If telephoto lens is for shooting subjects on a far distance, the macro lens is a specialist lens that is designed to focus closer to an object. It offers a 1:1 ratio. They are used for still-life photography of small objects. Try shopping at Nikon lenses for durable macro and other types of lenses.

Using long or telephoto camera lenses from Jayne Whitelock on Vimeo.

Things to Know Before Breaking Up With Your Web Developer

Website developmentIn business, one wrong move can lead to losing finances and customers. Although something that is not embraced in the world of business, mistakes happen every now and then. This is especially when choosing a web developer.

According to a website development expert, many businessmen make the wrong decision when it comes to hiring people to handle their website. Sometimes the termination is friendly. But sometimes, it is not. If you are planning to break up with your current web developer, you may want to prepare for it. Because once it turns bitter between you and your developer, you can end up losing your whole website.

There are two things that you need to know before ending things with your web developer. One is who owns your site’s domain name and second, who hosts your website. Let’s discuss them one by one.

1. Domain Name Ownership – You need to find out who is the owner of your domain. But it better be you. You’ll want to be 110% sure that the domain name is owned by you, and that your name is listed in the public records. When your domain name is registered under your designer, it means that he is the legal owner. He can do anything to your domain name and even sell your domain to other clients. He’ll likely do this if your website is a popular one. If he really owns it, then you should ask to transfer the registration to you. You should hire an attorney in case he refuse.

2. Hosting Plan Ownership – If your designer is also the host of your website, then you may want to be nicer to him. He has the power over your website and can delete every file related to your website. The result, your website will be non-existent. Unless he sent you every recent copies of the files of your website, you cannot go ballistic on him. Don’t doubt this because a lot of website owners have reported experiencing this incidence with their previous developer.

Before firing your web developer, be sure to get an account, set up, and get your website files and ownership moved. Also, be more careful when choosing your next web developer, confirm first that the next one that you will be working with is from a trusted and prominent website development company in Dubai.


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