3 Ways to Avoid Miscommunication Using the Internet and Social Media

Social Media Company DubaiThe Internet is a wonderful tool that able us to connect with one another electronically in all parts of the world. It even gave birth to a lot of business opportunities like social media company Dubai since social media are making its way on the networking these days.

But even it brought us closer together; it also threatened to send us further apart in some way. Like any new discovered tool, to make technology be an advantage in our lives, it requires the exercise of good judgment.

Unfortunately, abuse and misuse of the internet has been around for quite a while. Typed messages often create more grave wounds, while electronic messages  of remorse leave scars. You leave these messages in the own interpretation of the receiver that are misinterpreted. Whatever the reason, it’s clearly far easier for us to be meaner to one another online. So here are some ways from social media company Dubai where you can prevent social media or the internet in putting harm in your communication though online and most especially in person.

1. Don’t say something on email or messenger you’d feel uncomfortable saying in person. If you need to say something but feels awkward, do it in person. Take it as practice for handling confrontation maturely. With this, you will prevent misinterpretations and misunderstandings. If you find yourself tempted to behave like a cruel boss, step away from your keyboard.

2. Don’t delay your response to messages you’d rather avoid. If someone has reached out to you, send you an email or any online message, they care about and are waiting for your response. As soon as you the message and you’re not busy as hell, go and type that response right away.

3. Balance time on the Internet with time spent with friends and family. It may seem too obvious to say, but you have to be reminded that it is really different to go out  and bond through a dinner with family and friends than to spend several days engaged in email exchanges or FB messages. Too much communication and meaning is lost in the process. And the effect on one another is much more intense and meaningful when we meet in person. When a friend is going through a tough time, nothing can compare for to a tap in the back that just saying “I care”. A simple smile or a heartfelt hug has far more power than the happiest emoticon in your app to lift another person’s spirit.

Different Types of Camera Lenses

If you are a budding photographer, it is important for you to understand the different kinds of camera lenses. As you may know, a lens is an integral part of your camera setup. Some professionals even say that it is actually way more important than the camera body as it is the one responsible for the outcome of your shots. They would choose to shoot with an okay camera with a great lens, than a great camera with an okay lens.

Nikon lenses in Dubai

Indeed, a lens can make or break your photographs. A bad or wrong lens can cause the edges of the pictures to be blurry, purple fringing, and have poor autofocus and perspective. The lens that you should bring to a certain shoot depends on the needs of the subject. Here are the different kinds of camera lenses and their uses.

1.  Standard lens. This type of lens is used for shoots that doesn’t require a long range focal lens. Photographers use it for street photography, casual occasions, or documentaries. This has a focal length range of 35-70mm. The most common standard lens is a fixed 50mm lens. This is great if you want to move quickly and capture an interesting point of action.

2.  Wide-angle lens. The focal length of this camera range from 21-35mm. You can use this if you want to capture a large subject like landscapes, architecture, cityscapes, or when taking a group picture. For a good quality lens, you should opt for Nikon lenses in Dubai.

3.  Telephoto lens. Photographers use this when photographing a subject from a distance. Paparazzis are particularly the buyers of this kind of lens. This can also be used when taking shots of wildlife, concerts, and sports events. This lens is less handy than the other types as this can be huge. Its focal length is between 135mm and 300mm. There is also a super telephoto and a medium telephoto lens.

4.  Fisheye lens. This lens make the center of the image magnified, and objects diminish in size in all directions around it. These are on the edge of wide-angle lenses, and give a distorted view of the subject matter

5.  Macro lens. If telephoto lens is for shooting subjects on a far distance, the macro lens is a specialist lens that is designed to focus closer to an object. It offers a 1:1 ratio. They are used for still-life photography of small objects. Try shopping at Nikon lenses for durable macro and other types of lenses.

Using long or telephoto camera lenses from Jayne Whitelock on Vimeo.

Things to Know Before Breaking Up With Your Web Developer

Website developmentIn business, one wrong move can lead to losing finances and customers. Although something that is not embraced in the world of business, mistakes happen every now and then. This is especially when choosing a web developer.

According to a website development expert, many businessmen make the wrong decision when it comes to hiring people to handle their website. Sometimes the termination is friendly. But sometimes, it is not. If you are planning to break up with your current web developer, you may want to prepare for it. Because once it turns bitter between you and your developer, you can end up losing your whole website.

There are two things that you need to know before ending things with your web developer. One is who owns your site’s domain name and second, who hosts your website. Let’s discuss them one by one.

1. Domain Name Ownership – You need to find out who is the owner of your domain. But it better be you. You’ll want to be 110% sure that the domain name is owned by you, and that your name is listed in the public records. When your domain name is registered under your designer, it means that he is the legal owner. He can do anything to your domain name and even sell your domain to other clients. He’ll likely do this if your website is a popular one. If he really owns it, then you should ask to transfer the registration to you. You should hire an attorney in case he refuse.

2. Hosting Plan Ownership – If your designer is also the host of your website, then you may want to be nicer to him. He has the power over your website and can delete every file related to your website. The result, your website will be non-existent. Unless he sent you every recent copies of the files of your website, you cannot go ballistic on him. Don’t doubt this because a lot of website owners have reported experiencing this incidence with their previous developer.

Before firing your web developer, be sure to get an account, set up, and get your website files and ownership moved. Also, be more careful when choosing your next web developer, confirm first that the next one that you will be working with is from a trusted and prominent website development company in Dubai.


7 Things You Need to Know When Riding a Horse for the First Time

Riding a horse may not be for everyone, but it is a fulfillment for others. If you’re one of those people who really dream to wearThigh high boots those thigh high boots and become an equestrian, here are the steps to begin with.

  1. Be prepared to be a beginner – for a long time!Once you step into that stirrup for the first time, forget all about instant gratification. Instead, get all pumped up for the accomplishment of doing something for the long term.Don’t worry if your fingers fumble when putting on the bridle. Have no worry when the horse gives you a knowing look out of the corner of his eye. Just take the plunge into new feels, new learning curves and new coordination. It’s all about the joys (and challenges) of being on the path.
  1. Every horse has something to teach you. If you ride at a riding school, and have had the chance to ride many horses over the course of a few years, you will truly understand that there is something to be learned from every horse you ride. If you part-board or lease a horse, you can have the opportunity to work with one horse over the long term. You might develop a deeper relationship and maybe even know each other so well that you can read each other’s minds.
  1. Find an excellent mentor.This person will be critical to the success of your first years as a horse rider. S/he will be the one who can listen to your questions and concerns and give you the answers you need for your situation. She will guide you in your decisions and help you find the solutions that are necessary for your development – even if you are not aware of them at the time. Find someone you can trust.
  1. Surround yourself with great professionals and horse friends. Search for people you admire and look up to. Find the ones who you would like to emulate. Then, be around them and learn from them at every opportunity.Get to know the professionals in your area – from nutrition, to health care, to training – it is essential for you to be surrounded by kind, compassionate people who always put the horse first when they make decisions.
  1. Be ready to be physical in a way you’ve never experienced before.Riding is like no other sport because of the presence of the horse and wearing those thigh high boots in UAE.In order to truly move with the horse, you have to learn to coordinate body parts you never knew you had, and then also stay on top of a moving 1,000 pound animal! But have no fear – it will all come together in the long run.
  1. Watch, read, study, do. Read books to study what the movements should be like. Watch videos of professionals and even amateurs (especially now that videos are so easily accessible on the Internet). Go to clinics and watch how other riders develop under the eye of an experienced clinician. Then take your own lessons, go to clinics and shows or video yourself. Use every available means to solicit feedback.Then study some more!
  1. Listen to your horse. Although it sounds a little far-fetched, it is indeed possible to “hear” your horse if you understand their routines, structures and communications. If life is good, your horse will show you his pleasure by becoming more rideable. He will be calm but at the same time responsive to you. He will improve his ground manners, develop consistency under saddle, and work with you toward a better partnership.

Things to Pack When Having a Honeymoon in the Beach

Corset dressCongratulations! You are now officially married. And what’s next? The long-awaited honeymoon in a tropical island. Packing efficiently ensures that you are prepared to have a fantastic time.

Before loading up your suitcase, it’s a good idea to research your specific destination as individual locations may have varying requirements for the time of year in which you are traveling; look out specifically for seasonal rains or dramatic changes in temperature; and also local customs. Also, call the place you will be staying and ask specifically about what they will be providing. After all, there is no need to pack things like a hair dryer if they readily provide one. Here are the things you should not missed in packing:


  1. Cool Tops

Choose some basic tops that you can mix and match. Light colors work great to keep you cool in the heat and also enhance your new sun-kissed glow. Pack a balance of predominantly short sleeve tops paired with a couple of long sleeves. Button-up blouses can be excellent cover-ups for bathing suits, added to shield yourself from a slight evening chill, paired with jean shorts or a maxi skirt for casual attire, tucked into an embellished miniskirt for a sexy night on the town, and even be a handy tool when performing a flirty strip tease for your new husband!

  1. Bottoms

Longer pants of a thinner material are great in tropical climates and also comfortable for the airplane ride. Jeans are always an easy and practical staple for any trip. Additionally, bring two pairs of shorts; shorts of a lighter weight can slide easily over bathing suits and are great for water activities, and jean shorts can be worn for laid back trips through nearby towns or relaxed drinks in an easygoing bar. Remember to always keep the local (potentially conservative) culture in mind in consideration when choosing lengths.

  1. Skirts

Skirts are a great tool to maximize outfits and feminine, even flirty looks. These will have to be washed less often than if they were dresses and can be worn with multiple pieces for varied effects. While your maxi skirt should be bright and billowy, choose a shorter skirt for a fun night out or that can double as a cocktail attire.

  1. Dresses

Dresses are a must in any tropical destination! Pack a sundress that is a color that is bright and summery with a flirty hemline that bounces about the knee to make you feel girly and romantic. Secondly, pack a dress that will make you feel irresistible and sexy as the two of you enjoy candle-lit dinners and intimate dancing. You can always pick up a sundress as a souvenir at your destination in a beachy motif to get into the local vibe.

  1. Lingerie

While you will want a few practical travel undies, this is your honeymoon and your time to shine! Make him say “wow” with sexy lingerie or corset dresses and don’t skimp out. Pack a bra with convertible straps for versatility as well as one that is comfortable inside your corset dress in Dubai for those days where you’re more active.



  1. Bathing Suits

It is wise to bring not one, but three different bathing suits. If you want to save space, get a couple of reversible bathing suits. You”ll be spending the majority of your days wearing these light-weight pieces that take up minimal space in your luggage, so it will be nice to not have to wash the same one on a daily basis.


3 Basic Traits a Good Salesperson Should Have

Salespeople should be competitive in nature. Just as athletes strive for the winning goal, salespeople compete for customers. Like selling skills coursesmost jobs there is a certain set of skills or criteria that makes one person more successful at a job than another, sales is no different. There are tons of traits and skills that make sales people good that are acquires in most selling skills courses.  But here are three foundations that an aspiring great salesperson shouldn’t miss.


  1. Analysis. Analysis is critical because sales is about problem solving.  Problem solving requires the ability to take in lots of information, assess, filter, and craft perspectives, understandings, hypotheses, and assumptions.  Great sales people must be able to assess what is happening in an account, understand the motives of the buyers, identify unseen opportunities, avoid pitfalls, and more.   All of this requires strong analytical skills.
  1. Creative. Solutions to the problem have to be created and this is where creativity comes in.   When given the same information most people will come to the same conclusions and offer similar solutions.  The creative sales person offers different solutions others don’t see.  They fix problems with creative, outside the box, solutions that bring added-value.   Creative sales people who attend outstanding selling skills courses in Dubai differentiate themselves based on their solutions, approaches, and execution.  They bring more benefit and value.   Without creativity fewer doors are opened, less opportunities are found, problems linger longer, the competition is better positioned and selling is harder.
  1. Determination. At the end of the day sales is hard.  There will be a time you might  want to quit.   Selling will push you to give up.  It will challenge your confidence, your sense of self, your stamina, and your will.   You will feel it’s hopeless and at that’s  where determination kicks in.   The best sales people don’t quit and don’t give up. The best sales people are driven by the challenge, the unconquerable and the thrill of doing things others couldn’t.   In sales there is no success without drive, without the determination to get to the top of the mountain, finishing the marathon, getting the last rep done.

Without these three traits nothing else matters.  It doesn’t matter how well you listen, if you can’t do anything with what you heard.  It doesn’t matter how engaging you are if you have nothing creative to offer once you’ve engaged the client.  It doesn’t matter how honest and trusting you’re clients see you if you quit because they don’t buy anything in the first three months.   It doesn’t matter how well you can communicate if there is no substance to the communication.

Investing in Your 20s

InsuranceInvesting is not something that people in their 20s would actually look into. They think this is a buzzword not for their age but for their mom and dads. While it does sound old, it is actually a step that the young ones should already be doing.

Investing is the act of committing money or capital to an endeavor with the expectation of obtaining an additional income or profit. It can be through financial schemes, shares, property, or a commercial venture.

As a 20-something investor, time is on your side. Make your money work for you now to enjoy the payoff down the road. Starting early means preparing for the future. Your returns will readily be available when you need to reap them. Getting into bad habits when it comes to budgeting, debt and investing can often push us into unsustainable patterns in our 30s and 40s. People who start to invest in their 20s are not only taking proactive steps toward a stable future, they’re also cashing in on investing’s best friend: time.

Here are the top ideal things to invest in while you are in your 20s.

Preferred stocks. You don’t necessarily need to pull out big money. In your age, placing big bucks on stocks isn’t practical – unless you have capital to spend big. You can start small and begin familiarizing yourself with the process of investing in stocks. Learn more about preferred stocks. They are said to be a better way to do trading as their dividends are more stable than common stocks.

Retirement plan. Most people in their 20s don’t save money for their retirement but this is a bad decision as there is no other better time to start than now. If your company doesn’t offer a retirement scheme, or you’re self-employed, you must set up your own fund. You won’t have to work forever if you start saving today.

Insurance. You must immediately protect what is most valuable. If you already have a house, be sure to insure it right away. Find a policy that covers loss at your home. Consider wage insurance to cover your bills during periods of unpaid sick leave and unemployment. Getting the best insurance in Bahrain for your health is also a must as medical bills can easily add up.

Investing Money in Plain English from leelefever on Vimeo.


5 Practices of a Happy Expatriate

So, you are an expatriate and longing for your home country. But instead of dragging yourself in the house all day, why not try to enjoy every moment because sooner or later you will find yourself backed home. Here are some take on why there are expatriates that are happy and you can try to imitate their habits.

1. They look at everything as a wonderful learning experience

A quote said that “life is always offering us new beginnings, it’s up to us whether to take them or not.” It’s an empowering way to look at what’s available to us at every moment of every day, especially to those of us who get this amazing  opportunity to not only travel, but also live in different places.
2. Happy Expats Are Deeply Curious

Living in another land is always interesting. You will be able to learn about the culture, you get to experience a different way of life; you get to try new foods, and maybe even new hobbies. A whole new world opens up for you. Being curious around this new world leads to happiness.

3. Happy expats accept others as they come, don’t Judge and they don’t try to change people

Happy expats learned to show respect to everyone they meet. No matter how much things may bother them and no matter how much they may disagree, a judgmental attitude never gets anyone anywhere. Accepting that things run the way they do is the key to happiness.

4. They find opportunities wherever they are and don’t too much grieve those they’ve left behind

Farewells are inevitable part of life. Sometimes we know when that a move is opportunities that were open to us in one place and may not be available in another. But remember “life is always offering us new beginnings…” There will be new opportunities, so do you want to spend the time mourning about what you left behind or do you want to spend the time listening and looking out for what’s opening up for you?

5. Happy expats know that feeling sad at times is part of the game

A happy expat doesn’t mean a giddy-at-all-times one.  This just means that he/she knows that being sad at times is part of the expatriate experience. Being sad about leaving friends behind; being sad about leaving your family far away; being sad about quitting a job or changing a career and so on. The difference between a happy expat and the one that is not is that for the former acknowledge that sadness is something natural and something that doesn’t makes a victim out of you.

SEO – A Must For Your Business

Get a SEO quoteSEO – which stands for Search Engine Optimization is generally a way for your business website – whether small or expanded, to be visible in the first page of Google. Search engines constantly work towards increasing the relevant web results by crawling the web deep. However, there are limits to how much a search engine can index. It is to make sure that your website is indexed by the search engines, SEO is performed. It can prove disastrous to avoid SEO in today’s highly competitive web world where every single company has a website vying to grab the top positions on the search engines.

Besides increasing the traffic by providing the content to the search engines, there is a lot more to achieve through Guaranteed SEO. Some benefits of search engine optimization are:

Searchers are more open to organic results, defined as the central section of any results page. They generally find them more relevant—or simply more acceptable—than advertising. Therefore, they tend to click on organic results more often than on paid search ads.

Results are gradual. Improved organic rankings typically take months. However, those improvements do not vanish when a marketer’s budget is reduced or runs out, as happens with paid search. Instead, higher organic rankings tend to persist for months.

Marketers sometimes find the SEO process complex. Many call it a “black-box” technique, since optimization requires deciphering the hidden ranking algorithms of search engines. For some marketers, that means full-blown SEO efforts depend on help from an agency.

Search Engine Optimization becomes crucial for marketers that want to ensure their company is ranked high in results relevant to their brands, products or services—not to mention being ranked first for the company name itself. If you find yourself interested in SEO service, you can get a SEO quote from a trusted and quality company.

Search Engine Optimization offers the maximum exposure to your website at a fraction of cost. There cannot be a more cost effective way of achieving this.

Protecting Your Property Through a Lease Agreement

So you just bought a good property in Dubai. Congratulations. Indeed, this is a profitable investment for you especially if you aim to lease it to people. But of course, there can be some challenges in this business.

While becoming a landlord in one of the beautiful Dubai properties is a lucrative job, it can really have your head aching all too frequently. There goes your tenant refusing to pay rent or thrashing your investment property by nailing on the walls. Sometimes, there are also cases where renters end up being complaint by other neighbors because of causing too much noise.

Dubai properties

When you lease your property out to people, you have to make sure that none of these will happen to you. One good and effective way to do this is by being clear and upfront with them that they should abide by your rules. And because tenants can be tricky and are most likely to play a game on you, it is best to put the agreement into writing.

Whether just a short or long term rental, it is crucial that you develop a set of policies that should be clear between you and your tenants. This is a way of protecting you and your investment. Before letting anyone move into your home. Make them sign the lease agreement and sign it as well. The document will serve as an official proof that there is an agreement that happened between the parties and both should abide to it.

As you are making your lease form, do not forget to include the following:

  • Lease term. State whether you want them to pay monthly, quarterly, or annually. Be sure to also state the rent rate and what will happen if you plan to raise the price of your apartment.
  • Due date for rent. Write on the document what will happen if they pass on their due date. Spell out penalties if the payment is late. Also include the eviction terms.
  • Repairs. Say in detail what are the things you are responsible to repair and what are not.
  • Routine upkeep and maintenance responsibilities. Maintenance should also be stated. Usually, it is the landlord who is in charge for this duty.
  • List of tenants. Know who is living in your property and set a number of people allowed to stay in the house.
  • Rules of behavior. Lay out the acceptable noise level, proper neighborly conduct and whether smoking is allowed in your Dubai properties.


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