Getting an Apartment with Bad Credit

Your credit report plays a big role in your life. For the most part, the approval of your application for credit card and loans – including home mortgage and auto loan – depends on it. You must have a passing credit score in order to be awarded with perks or subsidy from the bank. But that is not all, your credit report also affects your chances of finding a good rental apartment in Dubai Marina.

Rental apartment in Dubai MarinaNowadays, landlords are more cautious. Thus, if you have a bad credit report, you may lose your chances of moving into your dream apartment. No matter how much money you have on hand, having a failing score on your credit report can definitely make you less credible as a payee.

If you happen to find yourself midst the need to live in a new apartment and having a bad credit report, you may be already frustrated at this point. Thankfully, there are few things you can do to make moving into a new place possible even with a low credit score. Here are they:

  1. Get someone to co-sign the rental agreement with you. Asking a friend to sign her name to your rental application can be difficult. But once she agrees, you can be one step closer to your dream. This is one of the best ways to get an apartment with a bad credit. If you default on your payment, your friend will be liable for you. This is a good way to motivate yourself to pay the rent on time.
  2. Find a roommate. This may be thought may not be something that you enjoy. But if the landlord rejects you, a roommate can revive your chances. In this case, your landlord takes the combined credit history of you and your roommate. If your roommate has excellent credit, this may compensate for your low score.
  3. Offer to pay double. If you really want to rent one of the apartments for rent in Dubai Marina, then you have to do whatever it takes, even if that means paying double on your security deposit. Don’t be afraid to discuss things with your landlord. Tell him that you are willing to pay double even if he is only asking for one month security deposit. The fact that you are willing to put up additional cash may remove some of his doubts.

4 Gains that ERP System Brings to a Business

ERP software in DubaiThere are many management systems and software that exist which help businesses to save money and resources. One of these is the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems  which are designed to suit any size business and determine that all programs are working up effectively, efficiently, saving time, money and resources.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions integrate operations into a single real-time system which run across all sites and departments of a company. This not only increases confidence in the accuracy of data and information but also ensures that all programs, whether it is in sales, purchase or logistics related, are up-to-date. If you are struggling to increase productivity while attempting to reduce costs, it’s worth investing in such a system. Here are the some of the reasons why:

1.    Enhanced Productivity

It is important for any business to implement a system that makes it easier for the staff to complete their tasks without wasting valuable time trying to find a particular file or spending half a day correcting or updated data. An ERP system is a solution. Files and programs become much easier to work with and make accessing necessary information a lot quicker.

2.    Save Money

Because all of the important programs are attached into one integrated system, less machines and servers need to be used, resulting in less expense for the company. Due to fewer machines are needed to support such a system, less staff are needed to man and supervise the equipment, meaning savings on human resources.

3. Enhanced strategic planning

With ERP software in Dubai, variables such as cost implications, demographics, resources and many can be stored in the system. Thus, making it easier to plan and create a suitable method that fits your company.

4. Easier to manage day-to-day activities

Depending on the size of a company, imputing and managing data can be a full time role, even taking several administrators to complete the task. By having an ERP software in Dubai, all the data will be placed into one location, making it easier to perform everyday tasks and duties. Hence, by storing all of the data sufficiently, day-to-day tasks will become easier.

Women Must-haves to Heighten Your Look

Plain dresses and trousers can be accentuated with these must haves and can be worn in different occasions. Here are the women’s accessories that can bring your outfit in various levels.

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Belts can be played in various forms and can bring out the best in any kind of clothing. It can can be worn while in tucked in tees and jeans while you can draw attention to your waist for a short or long dress.


Ladies can’t go anywhere without a handbag to put their things on, so why not make experiment with your bag? Handbags come in so many styles, colors, shapes, and sizes and that will match and highlight your outfit for the day.


Scarves can be worn in various ways. You can buy silk scarves online that can be draped loosely around your neck. They can be wrapped around your waist as a form of belt. You can wear a scarf around your hair for a free-spirited look. There are also bandanas which give off a completely different feel if you’re trying to give off a relaxed Italian girl look, or a gangster-type look. Buy silk scarves online can be tied in many different ways so you can have different looks and functions with this one item of clothing.


Sometimes, the jewelry you wear can make or break your outfit. If you’re going for party or some fun activities, wear some hoop earrings. If you are going on formal occasion, go for gold or silver ones or the ladies’ best friends, diamonds. As for bracelets and necklace, layers are on trend today. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors or variety.


The sunglasses you choose can draw some attention regardless of what you wear so be sure it  goes well with your outfit. If you’re going for a retro 50′s look then wear cat-eye sunglasses. Want an 80′s look? Go with Ray-Bans. If you are looking for a serious action-style look with a hint of robustness, try on a pair of aviators. Big sunglasses are really in trending season, but you can go in any direction; when it comes to sunnies, the bolder the better.

5 Basic Things To Bring To A Family Camping

Planning your vacation especially when it is set in outdoors instead of luxury hotel in Dubai Media City can be really challenging if you’re travelling with children. You want your children to love the experience at the same time to be safe for them. Here are five of the most basic things you should never forget for the trip to be safe and fun especially for your young ones.

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This is really a must-have in every camping trip. Bring one that can accommodate everyone comfortably. You can bring their favourite mattress as well, but just tell them you cannot bring the thick one like in a hotel near Dubai Media City since it can be really heavy for the travel.  City Also, make sure that you bought a tent with a quality since there could have strong wind and possible rain that could rip off the material. You don’t want your kids to get sick on a camping trip.

A Flashlight or Lamp

Most of the kids prefer to fall asleep by a nightlight when they’re tucked in at home, but the lack of electrical outlets in the wilderness makes that difficult. Give your child his very own flashlight or battery-powered lantern. This is a good idea for safety reasons, too, and can go a long way towards helping your child to feel a little more secure in the unfamiliar darkness.

Hiking Gears

No camping trip is complete without exploring and hike through the surrounding wilderness, so make sure everyone in the family is prepared to do some major walking. Make sure to pack proper hiking shoes, thick socks and bandages for any blisters that might appear. Walking sticks and a compass can also be helpful, depending on how rough the terrain is. Make sure everyone has on layers that can be added or subtracted to suit whatever weather changes come your way. One of the adults should carry a backpack with water for everyone, snacks, bug spray and sunscreen.

Books for Story Time

Maybe your kids will be a hard time sleeping in an unfamiliar place. Bring some books from home to read before naps, bedtime, or whenever you and your kids want to do something a bit more low-key.

A Familiar Item from Home

Sleeping outdoors can be a little overwhelming for little campers, so bring something familiar from home to help your child feel comfortable and relaxed in an unfamiliar environment. Pick out an item to take along, like a toy or pillow; security blankets and stuffed toys are also good choices and can help kids.

5 Ways To Inspire Your Children to Start a Business

Business Setup in DubaiAs parents, you are responsible for nurturing and guiding your children to be the best on whatever the endeavor they will choose. One of the things you can teach them is having business Setup in Dubai. Helping your child start a business is a good way to teach them the value of money and infuse a business mentality that they will use for the rest of their lives.

The earlier your kids involved in business, the more confident and successful they can become. Studies show that young entrepreneurs are typically much more confident, creative and determined to achieve personal success than their peers.

Now is the perfect time to discover business opportunities with your kids. Find out what they love, what they are interested in and how creative they can be at starting their own business.

Here are a few ways to hone your child’s entrepreneurial spirit and help them become the future leaders.

1.    Know your child’s passions and talk on the areas they are already good at. For instance, if your young Susie loves playing with kids and watching over the babies, consider running a babysitting business. Or if Johnny is really keen in computers, maybe an online business is good to start with. As parents, it’s good to stay open-minded about your kid’s passion.

2.    Keep an open and supportive mind. There are many parents are idealistic and push their children to get a ‘real job’. If your child is giving signs that they lobe doing business, support their decision by getting their business materials to help her run her business better. Several successful entrepreneurs have gotten their first business loan from parents. In doing so, they will be free from the interest from usual loan institutions.  So whatever action you take will impact your kid’s confidence.

 3.     Invest in your kids’ dreams and teach them to invest as well.  Some invest in books, conferences, courses and other training material that enhance your thinking and sharpen your skills

 4.     If you have your own business setup In Dubai , hire your child. You can start teaching them how to run a business. Let your child explore the different areas of your business and develop a sincere interest. Having exposure to running a business is a good experience overall.

 5.    Open a bank account for your kid. Put the account in both your name and your children’s. Look over the bank statements with them monthly and let them see their money grow when they put savings and help them track their spending when buying supplies or training materials for their business. This will give them a sense of responsibility and learn how to invest back into their small business.

The World’s Top 5 Oil and Gas Company for 2013

Oil and Gas Industry is one (if not the most) of the richest industry and the whole world. It literally runs the whole world because Oil and gas project management in Libyamost of the prices in the market depend on it. Most of these companies have a large working force like the oil and gas project management in Libya

Here is the list of the major players in the industry according to Forbes website.

  1. Saudi Armaco (Saudi Arabia). It produces 12.7 million Barrel of Oil Equivalent (BOE) per day. They dominate the industry, by being the biggest player for the past 10 years. Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Ali Ibrahim Al-Naimi joined Saudi Aramco in 1947, age 12, studied in the U.S., rose to become CEO and is now the world’s most powerful oilman
  2. Gazprom (Russia). It produces 8.1 million BOE per day. It remains on its position, being the second, for the past ten years. Beginning the year of 2013, Vietnam ties up with Russian President Valdimir Putin and said to be strengthening their energy and military ties.
  3. National Iranian Oil Company (Iran). From 4.9 million BOE per day last 2003, after ten years, it is now producing 6.1 million per day retaining its 3rd spot. Despite the international sanction on its nuclear output, with the leadership of its minister Rostam Ghasemi, has been able to grow its natural gas output.
  4. ExxonMobil (Russia). By 2013, it produces 5.3 milliom BOE per day from its status of 4.6 million BOE per day last 2003. It’s Chairman and CEO is Rex Tillerson.
  5. Rosneft (Russia).  From undetermined ranking from 2003, it now landed on the 5th spot producing 4.6 million BOE per day. Its presiden, Igor Sechin has been partnering with Venezuela for the past 10 years.

What Breastfeeding Moms Shouldn’t Eat

Before giving birth to the baby, expecting moms need to follow a balanced diet. With hormones raging and big appetite kicking, it can really be difficult to stay true to following a meticulous meal plan. What’s more is that it doesn’t stop after the newborn arrives. Nursing moms need to maintain eating kinds of food that are best for the baby.

 best home nursing in Dubai If you are breastfeeding and find your little one fussy, spitting or has rashes on the body, then you there can be a culprit included in your meals. We asked the best home nursing in Dubai – the experts in post natal care – to enumerate the nibbles that breastfeeding moms should avoid. Here is the list they provided us.

  1. Caffeine – Tea, soda or coffee, you are not excused for they all contain caffeine. Some of the caffeine goes with your breast milk. Unfortunately, babies cannot tolerate caffeine as much as adults do. As a result, their body may become irritated. Caffeine can also make the baby cranky or too sleepy. As much as possible try putting off your cup of coffee until just after a nursing session.
  2. Citrus fruits – Although fruits with citrus are good in providing vitamin C, it is not recommended for lactating mommies. The citrus juice can bother a still-immature GI tract, leading to fussiness, spitting up, and even diaper rash for your baby. You can substitute the citrus fruits with mango and papaya. Both of these provide vitamin C as well.
  3. Chocolates – Sorry to all the moms who like to indulge in the sweetness of chocolates! Now is not the right time to munch in bars of chocolate goodness. Dubai’s best home nursing says that just like coffee and soda, chocolate contains caffeine especially the dark ones.
  4. Alcohol – You can celebrate the coming of your bundle of joy but please skip on drinking alcoholic beverages. Do not worry, it is not the occasional glass of wine with dinner that you need to be anxious about. Wine does not pose risk for babies. Drinking lots of beer and hard liquors do, however. Your baby can be drowsy, always in deep sleep, weak, and have abnormal weight gain.

7 Steps in Organizing a Children’s Party

So you’re girl is turning seven and wants to have a birthday party blast. Since you’re a first time mom, you now find yourself confused on what to have and what to do first. Don’t fret! Use these guidelines to keep yourself on track and give your daughter.

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1. Pick a theme along with your child. Talk to your daughter what are the ideas in her mind for her party. If it attainable then, go for it! Nothing makes a child happy that having her dream birthday party with a man-made castle or costume of Elsa while singing the song ‘Do you want to build a snowman?”

2. Decide on the basic things. It will be the location, date, and number of guests. You have to finalize these things before proceeding to the most detailed parts.

3. Make the invitations and send them a month or couple of weeks before the party. The invitation should also match the theme and give an impression to the guests what to wear or what to give as present and buy children’s toys online in Dubai.

4. Buy decorations. Now that you have the theme, locations and time of event, you can now buy all the stuff that you need in decorating the place. If you hire someone to serve the food, maybe they can also suggest something that would enhance the place.

5. Plan some games. Games should not be missing in a children’s party since kids are active and have short attention span. This is a way to get them moving and be sure that it will be very interesting for them to participate in.

6. Plan the food. You can have a caterer or do it yourself with help from your relatives. Consider the type of guests and determine on hand if there are guests with particular allergies or preference like not eating pork or beef.

7. Have a plan in picking up the children. Give parent notice on how to pick up their child and don’t forget to give your number to the number for emergency.

The Battle of the Juices and Smoothies

Nowadays, it seems like everyone wants to be fit and fab. Although some may not agree with me, I see this hype as a product of media’s representation of real beauty. Who would not want to trim their belly fats when all they see in the magazines are stunningly, scaled 10 out of 10, cola bottle bodies? These models who harness “sexiness” are simply all over the place! This is just my conception, however. I am just a plain observant in this world full of social stigma.

Whether this calorie-watch is a bandwagon effect or a genuine personal goal, I believe that it is completely wrong to go to the extent of harming the body. Call me conservative but my vote always goes to the natural and healthy way. Aside from exercising and doing impact yoga, my recommendation for people who aim to shed off fats is drinking smoothies.

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You have probably seen the immense number of people falling in line for juices and smoothies. Both of these are great inclusion to a diet plan. However, if you weigh them both, smoothies gain the upper hand. Let us review one case after the other, and you will surely be convinced to search for a blending machine coupon in best product deals in Dubai.


It is common for mothers to offer freshly squeeze juice to their sickly children. Well, this is because the act of naturally juicing brings healing and detoxification to the body. Because fruit juices are nutrient rich, they effectively nourish and restore the body at a cellular level. But there is a downside. The juicing process involves the extraction of the water and nutrients, leaving behind the indigestible fiber that is vital in keeping your digestive system at an optimal level. In short, juices are great but they lack the healthy fiber.


If with juicing you drink all the nutrients but end up tossing away the fibers, with blending you get all the needed fibers. Thus, you get the extra boost of vitamins, minerals, and photochemical. This is because when you produce a smoothie from any a blender that you can buy from Dubai product deals, you will be able to put the entire fruit or vegetables, including the skins where the fibers are mainly found.

Smoothies have the “fullness factor” that juices do not have. Because no part of the food is left out of the blending process, the inclusion of the fibrous part is assured. This makes the stomach feel fuller, and it slows down digestion for a while. This satiety and increased nutrient content make smoothies a better choice for people who are cutting dietary calories and trying to lose body fat.

Preventing Abuse in the Office

When a person becomes an entrepreneur, a big portion of his duties and responsibilities revolve around managing people. Sadly, only a handful of business leaders give adequate attention to their workforce. Most business owners focus more on generating sales and winning clients, resulting to neglecting their own people. This is why office bullying is becoming more and more rampant in the workplace.

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According to the professionals of the best executive coaching in Dubai, it is the leaders’ job to take office bullying seriously.  Uncontrolled verbal abuse in the workplace shows the inability of the leaders to control their people and represents the environment of the company. The management has the power to craft the culture of their business. Here are some ways on how to prevent office bullying.

Regulate employees’ behavior

It is important to get people cohere to the behavioral standards set by the company. This can happen by having the leaders communicate with their employees and facilitate comprehension. It is important to hire the best executive coaching in Dubai to effectively influence the workforce. Although unavoidable, coaching can minimize conflicts in the office.

Help in resolving problems

When someone gets out of line, do not let it pass like nothing happened. Talking to people and hearing the root of the problem can help in maintaining harmony in the office. The managers of each department should be trained to foster conflict resolution and provide extra support.

Show empathy

In most cases, it is hard to agree with the speaker when it comes to solving conflicts. But it is crucial to listen and comprehend to what he is saying so you get to understand his side. In the workplace, leaders should not show bias. The rule of thumb is to think of what the speaker is saying and probably feeling as he talks.

Reiterate team spirit

While it is impossible to make people love every member of the group, doing team building activities can give them the team spirit. Training and coaching them about their goal in the office and how each of them contributes to the fulfillment of the mission can help them learn to tolerate one another.

Acknowledge to everyone

Office conflicts are usually brought by envy of other workmates. Leaders can prevent this feeling by acknowledging the effort of every member of the team. This way they all feel that their efforts are valued.

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